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5 Reasons Why Your Boiler Could Be Leaking

A leaking boiler should not be ignored. Unfortunately, it’s probably indicative of quite a serious issue, often caused by a broken seal or valve—it will not fix itself. A leak can also lead to other problems that will make repairs more complicated or costly, like rust or electrical shorts. In any case, it’s best to take care of the problem as soon as you notice it.

If your boiler begins to leak there are a few things that should be done immediately:

Firstly, turn off your water supply and drain any remaining water out of the boiler system.

Secondly, call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to assess the problem and carry out boiler repairs. Never attempt to repair the boiler yourself.

Here are some of the common issues that lead to leaking boilers;

1.) Corrosion

This may be of the pipes, the boiler tank or the valves. Corrosion may develop over time due to dissolved oxygen entering and corroding inside the system. Alternatively, corrosion can occur as a result of carbon dioxide lowering the pH level in the boiler.

2.) A Failed Expansion Tank

Typically, a leak that begins after the boiler has been running for a while is indicative of a faulty expansion tank.

3.) A Broken or Worn out Pump Seal.

If the leak seems to be coming from the boiler pump, it is likely the seal has broken and needs to be replaced.

4.) Faulty Valves

When the pressure valves in the boiler are faulty or set incorrectly, a build-up of lime scale and calcite in the tank and pipes can increase the water pressure in the boiler tank and cause leaks. In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, lime scale should be removed and the pressure valves tightened. If the pressure relief valve setting is incorrect, the excess pressure can cause the valve to open. Once this happens, the valve must be replaced.

5.)Poor Installation

If the boiler was installed incorrectly, it is likely that the boiler will leak. Badly soldered copper fittings on the pipework will cause water to drip. If this is the cause of your leaking boiler, it is likely the system will need to be re-installed.

In order to ensure you don’t get caught without a boiler this winter, make sure to use a reputable Gas Safe Registered Engineer when fitting a new heating system.

If you are experiencing problems with your boiler and heating system, Range Heating can help. Our engineers turn up on time, are Gas Safe registered and fully insured.

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