Avoid Boiler Breakdowns

5 Tips to Avoid Boiler Breakdowns over Christmas

Temperatures are tumbling already, and Christmas will arrive sooner than you realise.

The last thing you want is to be unable to keep the house warm or be denied access to hot water.

Here are a few pointers to avoid boiler breakdowns from happening over the holiday season:

Has your boiler been serviced?

If the boiler is older, then you should get the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. We recommend doing so annually to guarantee it is safe and in good condition.

A serviced boiler is more efficient and reliable.

Don’t wait until you need a boiler repair; doing this job now will save money in the long term.

Check your central heating

Your boiler is less likely to freeze up if you do, which of course avoids forking out later to fix it.

It’s best not to wait for bad weather either. To test your central heating:

  • Turn all the radiator valves on
  • Turn up the room’s thermostat to maximum
  • Set the heating to run
  • After 15 minutes, touch the radiators to see if they are starting to warm up

Is your boiler switched on?

Check whether your boiler hasn’t been deactivated by accident. For example, if the gas or electricity supply has been interrupted then it will switch off.

Look at the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the boiler manually. Always keep them handy so that you can refer to them if the worst happens.

Keep an eye on the pressure inside

It makes sense to check monthly. If it drops, then your boiler may not be able to circulate hot water around the house.

First, look for leaks in the pipes or radiators. To do that, listen for a hissing noise. To rule out a drip, place a piece of paper underneath.

If there are none, then follow the manufacturer’s advice, or ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to reset the boiler.

Most have a way of detecting the reading isn’t right, and will cut out if it drops too low. Some models do the same when it’s too high.

Bleed your radiators

If air is trapped in the system, then radiators will have cold patches and not be as effective.

Should bleeding them not work, then sludge may be causing a blockage. If it is, then ask a professional to flush it out.

How can Range Heating help?

If you are having problems with your boiler or heating, then we can carry out a service or repairs.

Our charges are competitive.

Range Heating’s engineers are fully insured and are listed on the Gas Safe Register. They also turn up on time.

To find out more, call us on 0161 868 0337.

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