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Are Vaillant Boilers compatible with Hive Thermostats?

What is a Vaillant Boiler?

Providing a high degree of energy efficiency and economy, Vaillant boilers are German-engineered gas boilers designed to provide long-lasting benefits to homes of different sizes. Range Heating offers a variety of options from combi boilers for smaller one-bathroom homes, system boilers for larger properties with bigger hot-water requirements, and open vent boilers for multiple bathrooms.

The Vaillant boilers are extremely reliable and make use of modern technology to keep running costs low and maintenance to a minimum. The line also includes their award-winning ecoTEC branded boilers that are fit for the most intensive use and for owners that are interested in saving the environment and heating costs.

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The ecoTEC range of domestic boilers also comes with a range of ‘precision heating’ options to help keep your energy expenditure down – making sure water is heated only when needed and helping to reduce your bills, which can be near essential in the colder months of the year. This includes options such as analogue timers or deploying a vSMART app to control your system.

But if you want an extra degree of control, many homeowners have been benefitting from the installation of a Hive thermostat on their property.

What is a Hive Thermostat?

Allowing you remote control of your system to ensure a warm welcome to your home, Hive Thermostat & Heating Control allows you to use your smartphone to control your central heating and water use. This helps minimise wastage, bring down your bills, and allows you to control the heat in your home without ever having to leave your sofa if you don’t want to!

Made up from a thermostat, hub, and receiver, a Hive device can be installed in a wide range of boilers and offers extras such as multizone heating – allowing you to control the temperature in distinct rooms in your property. This degree of extra control lets your home stay warm how and just how you like it, leaving you with smart control right at your fingertips.

This allows you to create a distinct heating schedule that can help ensure that you always return to a warm home, reduce fuel use, and use geolocation alerts and frost protection settings to help ensure that you never forget to leave the heating off again. 

Are Vaillant Boilers compatible with Hive?

For homeowners looking to make use of the two – yes, absolutely.

A Hive thermostat should always be installed by a trained and Gas Safe accredited professionals who will ensure that your device is correctly linked to your Vaillant heater and that your receiver is set up correctly. Once in place, the Hive device can be easily linked to any of your smart devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and a range of other IoT technologies to help bring convenience to your property.

If you are interested in having your device installed by a Vaillant accredited boiler installer, you can look at our comprehensive range of options. Or, if you have specific needs that you are struggling to meet, you can contact our team directly and let us know what you need to ensure a perfect boiler installation for your home.

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