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What a boiler repair looks like to us

A broken down boiler is one of life’s headaches, especially if it happens during cold weather – although even in the height of summer it’s a pain if you rely upon it for hot water.

Of course, the fault could be something minor and fixable via a brief acquaintance with the boiler’s user manual, however, if that’s not the case you need to call in the professionals.

Sorry to be the harbingers of bad news but if you haven’t got the training then working out what’s wrong with your boiler won’t be easy and it could actually be dangerous.

The majority of boiler faults can be hard for a layman to diagnose and unless you are a trained heating professional you should never attempt any repairs that involve removing the outer casing.

Not only is this dangerous but to do so will make any warranty you have invalid.

So what could be wrong?

The most common problems include:

  1. A frozen boiler condensate pipe
    The condensate pipe is part of a condensing boiler and when it freezes your boiler will shut itself down.
  2. Boiler loses pressure
    Maybe this is because of a leak, or your heating has been off for a while but this will cause the boiler to stop working. You may be able to fix this problem yourself but if it is constantly recurring, then you will need a trained engineer to sort it out.
  3. A water leak
    A water leak from the boiler can be the result of old and corroded washers and definitely needs an expert heating engineer to open up the boiler to replace these parts.

While these are common problems, your boiler may be subject to a wide range of specific and technical faults that a trained heating engineer will be able to diagnose and fix. The boiler is an essential part of the home and therefore it is vital that any problems are dealt with efficiently and quickly with the minimum of hassle.

What a boiler repair looks like to us

As a layman, you may be puzzled by what is happening when your boiler breaks down but at Range Heating, we are often able to assure you that your boiler repair is pretty straightforward.

If you call us out, one of our friendly heating engineers will be able to give you an estimate of costs and be able to assure you that the work with be done as smoothly and efficiently as possible

When your heating engineer arrives there are a number of things they need to assess. These include the boiler’s safety, the more obvious faults like the ones mentioned above and an assessment of whether the boiler is fully operational.

The heating engineer will check at every stage of the boiler’s operational process to find out at which stage it isn’t functioning. Through this systematic check they may be able to locate the source of the problem, however, if there are no visible signs, such as a water leak for example, then they’ll have to perform further tests to discover why it is malfunctioning.

They may find faults occurring in the boiler’s fan, sensors, pump, diverter valve or circuit board and to fix these they may need to replace various components. However, our trusted engineers should have the relevant parts to hand to make the swap, or be able to locate the affected parts so that the boiler can be fixed within hours.

Will there be any disruption?

A reputable heating engineer will be able to fix a broken boiler quickly, with the minimum of disruption.

Their priority is to get the boiler back into operation so that you can go on enjoying its benefits as soon as possible.

At Range Heating we understand just how important your boiler is to your household and how a breakdown can have a huge impact on the family, so we do our very best to deliver a fast, efficient, streamlined service.

What if the problem cannot be fixed?

On the whole there will be a solution to your boiler problems, however, if your boiler continues to break down, or it can no longer be repaired then your heating engineer will be able to discuss the next step you can take, including arranging to install a replacement boiler.

The next step…

If you want your boiler to be repaired with the minimum of hassle and then we can do that for you. Having been repairing boilers across Manchester and Cheshire for many years, we can be depended upon to give you the very best service.

We will visit your home and you will receive a completely free quotation for the work before we begin, taking you step by step through the boiler repair process.

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