Evohome Honeywell boiler control systems

The Benefits of Installing an Evohome System

Evohome system launched by Honeywell, allows you to control your heating and hot water within seconds from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Sounds incredible – well just look at all the other benefits of this amazing system:-

  • You are always in charge of your home heating and hot water system.
  • You can control the temperature in your home instantly via a tablet, smart phone or simply by using the touch screen controller.
  • You can control the temperature in your home even when you’re not in the house via a tablet or smartphone.
  • The system allows you to control up to 12 heating zones in your home independently.
  • Different rooms can be at different temperatures to optimise comfort levels.
  • The system learns how long it takes to heat your home and will ensure the temperature is right at the right time.
  • The ability to control domestic hot water ensures you never run out.
  • Everyone can use Evohome as long as you have a hydronic (wet) central heating system
  • The control panel is simple to use
  • The system can save you up to 40% on your heating bills (compared to a basic timer and thermostat).

As the summer months have faded into autumn and winter is just around the corner now is the time to install an Evohome system. With this modern heating system you will be in control of your heating and your energy bills.

Range Heating are trained and approved by Honeywell, which means we have the ability to design and install the Honeywell Evohome system in a professional, safe and fast manner. Plus, when we have finished the installation, we will take time to teach you how to use the new device and answer any questions you may have.

If you want to control the heating in each room of your home independently, or would like to learn more about the Evohome System, then feel free to contact Range Heating!

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