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What to do if your boiler is broken - a step by step guide

Let’s face it: it’s a guaranteed headache when your boiler breaks. It can happen at the worst of times – like in the middle of winter when the days are cold, or when you have guests staying over. It’s even worse when you can’t find an engineer because they are already busy. Don’t panic if your boiler has broken down, follow this step by step guide so you know exactly what to do.

Are you prepared?

The cost of fixing a broken boiler is a significant worry for a quarter of householders, a survey by GoCompare revealed. When asked how they would pay the repair costs of £300, only 27% said they had emergency funds saved for situations like this. Shockingly, 20% of households haven’t had their boiler serviced for over two years. A similar survey also revealed that 25% of people would go into debt if their boiler unexpectedly broke. These figures show that some homeowners need to either take better care of their boilers or better prepare for if something goes wrong.

Is the boiler actually broken?

This may sound obvious, but the first step is to decide whether the boiler is actually broken. It’s possible that the boiler isn’t broken and just needs to be reset. There are safe and easy checks you can do yourself to resolve the problem. For helpful guidance on what to do and whether you need to call an engineer, visit the British Gas website.

Are you covered?

If your boiler is indeed broken, you should contact your insurance company. If you have specialist boiler insurance, or emergency home coverage, then you should be covered in situations like this. Specialist boiler insurance entitles you to emergency repairs, annual servicing, and boiler replacements.

Do you qualify for a free replacement?

If you receive any benefits, such as Child Tax Credits or Pension Credit, you may be eligible for a new boiler under the Government’s ECO scheme. To qualify for free boiler replacements and repairs, you must be the homeowner, private tenant or a landlord registering on behalf of the tenant. Your home also needs to have mains gas, and the boiler has to be over eight years old or broken. If you think you are eligible for funding, apply through

Is it time to call an engineer?

It’s important that as tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t carry out work on the boiler yourself. This is not only extremely dangerous but can also have a negative impact on any insurance policy. If there is nothing you can do, call an engineer. Ensure that the engineer you’re reaching out to is reputable and legally qualified by Gas Safe Registration.

How do you prepare for the future?

According to GoCompare, 12% of households in the UK with a boiler breakdown have paid over £1,000 for repairs or replacements. Boilers are one of the most expensive household items to maintain. To avoid any more boiler problems in the future, make sure to keep your boiler in excellent condition by having it serviced often.

Having your boiler serviced regularly will help ensure the boiler works well and will also maximise its efficiency, which will help you save money on future energy bills. The moment you start to notice any small problems or leaks, make sure to get these fixed right away. No matter how small the problem is, it should never be ignored.

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Mike, 11 Broadfield Road

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