Evohome Honeywell boiler control systems

Central heating controllers for 2021

Today’s heating control systems aren’t just about flicking a switch and turning on your radiators – they are so much more exciting than that. 

At a basic level they all allow you to check the temperature in an instant and schedule switch ons for when you need them but you can also invest in systems that have an array of different features that can cut down on your energy consumption and in the long run save you money.

What are smart heating controllers?

You know that feeling when you arrive back into the UK after a holiday in the sun and you step into a freezing cold home? Well scenarios such as this can be a thing of the past thanks to today’s smart central heating systems.

If you invest in a smart thermostat that can actually be controlled from your mobile phone, you’ll never again walk into a freezing house when you come back off holiday, or conversely worry if you turned the heating off when you went away. Via an app on your mobile you can control the temperature of your home whenever you want to.

How do smart heating controllers work?

Because the smart thermostat is connected to the internet you can literally control is from anywhere in the world by a variety of devices including mobile phone, iPad, laptop, home hub, etc and such easy scheduling means that you can always depend on coming home to a cosy house or waking up in a warm bedroom.

The way they work is through three basic components. One will directly be attached to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system then this ‘talks’ to the thermostat control, which in turn communicates with the smart app. And they don’t just stop there. There are plenty of other functions to ensure that your heating system in 2021 is second to none.

Take the Honeywell Evohome which is a fantastic system for those of us who want to control temperatures in different rooms, have control over our hot water or underfloor heating.

This is completely compatible with any home that has a hydronic (wet) central heating system and allows you to create and individually control up to 12 ‘heating zones’ in your property. It’s a brilliantly intelligent system that works out that different spaces require different temperatures. No more heating up that underused box room at the top of the house for example! Evohome also makes the necessary adjustments according to whether the room has radiators, stored hot water or underfloor heating and when you want to introduce a new heating zone you just add one.

Central heating controllers can really change the way you live. Here’s how…

1. They can heat different parts of the home

Why heat a part of the home you only use rarely? Today’s smart controller can heat different areas independently.

2. You can control your hot water

No more waiting for the hot water to heat up when you’ve been away, with today’s modern thermostat you have it when you need it.

3. By geofencing

Geofencing, or geolocation, uses technology that can sense when you leave or return home so basically it automatically turns off your heat when the last person leaves the house. It can also ask you what you want to do – after all, if you’re just slipping out for five minutes for a pint of milk, you may not want to turn your heating off.

4. They’ll detect draughts

Some systems will let you know if you’ve left a window open, which not only tells you about heat escaping from the home but about your security too.

5. They have safety modes

This isn’t an exactly new innovation but having a system which can heat your home if it drops below a certain temperature is certainly an essential feature for our unpredictable climate. In safety mode it will limit energy consumption and swing into action when your pipes are in danger of freezing up. It means you can leap out of bed on frosty winter mornings in the knowledge that you’ll still be nice and toasty.

6. By saving you energy

Basically this function allows you to find out how many hours have been spent heating your home compared to previous months and can suggest ways in which energy can be saved.

As you can see, today’s central heating controllers are the next word in heating technology. They are brilliantly eco friendly, super efficient and can save you money, so what are you waiting for? If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page or call us on: 07872 105 094

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