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Why You Should Get Your Boiler Serviced Right Now

We take it for granted that our boiler will provide us with hot water when we need it and a cosy warm home when it is cold, but like most things it needs to be looked after if it is going to work reliably.

During the summer months it is not so much of an issue if the boiler stops working but in the winter months it can be disastrous to be without a fully functioning boiler and very unpleasant.

To ensure we can depend on our boiler to function effectively it is vital to have it serviced every year to check and test all components are working correctly. An annual service may seem an unnecessary expense if we have a fairly new boiler but it is more cost effective than repairing a boiler that has stopped working.

There are a number of benefits to having your boiler serviced annually:-

  • It enables potential problems to be picked up early to avoid costly repairs
  • Avoid having time without a boiler because it has broken down
  • It ensures the boiler is safe and no gas or carbon monoxide is leaking.
  • It will ensure that the supply of gas and oxygen is maintained at the correct levels
  • It will ensure any dust, dirt or soot in the system is removed
  • A well maintained boiler is more efficient and therefore more cost-effective to run

We highly recommend an annual boiler service for every home, to keep your boiler in tip top condition.

Here at Range Heating we believe the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your boiler is safe and efficient is always well worth the price of a service. Our experienced Gas Safe registered engineer will come and service your boiler with the greatest of care.

Don’t put off getting your boiler serviced. For more information on boiler servicing get in touch or call Range Heating on 07872 105 094

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