Home buyer survey for gas or heating system

Homebuyers Survey

Buying your new home can be stressful enough without worrying about paying for expensive surveys particularly as they generally don’t provide you with the detailed information you need when trying to make a deal.

Your standard Homebuyers Survey will never provide any detailed information about the gas or heating system. They will just recommend you have it checked by a professional but people rarely do and this could be a costly mistake.

When buying a new home Range Heating can check the gas and heating system for you and give you a report advising you on the state of the system and any likely costs you will face. You can use this information to budget for your new home or to go back to the vendors and negotiate a discount if there is a lot of money needing to be spent immediately on the heating system. Either way it’s best to have as much information as possible when making such a large purchase and when you and your family will be living in the property you want to know it’s a safe place.

At Range Heating our detailed report of the plumbing and heating system will give you a no obligation quote for any work that is required, to keep you boiler and heating system working efficiently and safely.

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and properly insured with £2 million of public liability insurance.

We are also trained to design and install central heating systems using energy efficient boilers.

Our reputation for outstanding customer service comes into its own when designing a central heating system. We work with you to explain options, understand the costs and provide one or more written, costed estimates.  Not only all this but we will fit the system at a very competitive price and when the work is completed we will show you how to use it!

For more information, contact Range Heating on 07872 105 094

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