Evohome is a modern heating system that allows you to remotely control individual room temperatures in your home.

Evohome Honeywell boiler control systems
Evohome boiler control systems
Evohome boiler control systems

Evohome Systems

Evohome Systems are completely compatible with any home that has a hydronic (wet) central heating system installed and allows you to create and individually control up to 12 ‘heating zones’ in your property. Evohome understands that different spaces require different temperatures and whether you have radiators, stored hot water or underfloor heating, new heating zones can be added or removed to suit your lifestyle.

Control your heating from your phone

Launched by Honeywell, Evohome allows you to instantly regulate exactly when and where your property is heated from your smartphone or other mobile device and can save you as much as 40% on your heating bills (compared to a basic timer and thermostat). The Evohome system is the ideal installation for temperature control in larger properties such as apartments, large homes as well as commercial properties. There are multiple Evohome temperature systems that can be installed within your property that do not have to involve invasive building work. Each device can be quickly and easily installed without having to alter any existing pipes, electricals or damage any of your décor.

Controlled entirely from your Android or iOS device using the Total Connect Comfort Intl App the Evohome system couldn’t be easier to set up. You will have the ability to remotely control the temperature in each individual room of your property wherever you are in the world at any time. With this touchscreen control you will quickly be able to gage which zones of your property need heating and when.

Once installed, your Evohome system and Total Connect Comfort Intl App work will be able to work in conjunction with a number of the current leading smart home brands. Your system will work seamlessly with a wide range of smart phone apps as well as the Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo- all allowing you to easily manage your property’s temperature.

Our Range Heating contractors are specially trained to install Honeywell’s Evohome system into your home. We are also listed as one of Honeywell’s trusted and approved installers for all of their Evohome systems. If you are considering having an Evohome system installed in your home, feel free to call us on 07872 105 092, where one of our team will talk you through each system and help you understand which installation would best suit your home and budget.

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