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How Energy Efficient are Vaillant Boilers?

Installing an energy efficient Vaillant boiler in your home can make a huge difference in in keeping your energy costs down.

In the winter months, the cost of heating your home can make up over 50% of your energy bills. However, an energy efficient boiler, combined with smart heating controls, will keep you warm while saving you money

What Affects a Boiler’s Efficiency?

Typically, the age of your boiler and its type will affect its efficiency.

You normally see efficiency expressed as a percentage, and nowadays, only boilers with a 92% minimum efficiency should be installed in homes.

Which? magazine has compared the energy efficiency of older boilers with newer models.

Old gas heavyweight boilers have an efficiency of 55%. Lightweight equivalents run at 65%. Even some newer boilers can be relatively low, with non-condensing models at 75%.

When planning to replace your old boiler, you must therefore be sure to make the right choice.

If you replace an older model with one that is new and meets the highest standards in energy efficiency, that is when you will see a significant shift in how much energy you save.

The Energy Saving Trust has suggested that, if everyone in the UK with oil or gas central heating installed an energy efficient boiler with smart controls, we would save enough energy to heat 1.9 million homes for a year, while saving 6.7 tonnes of CO2.

How Boiler Energy Efficiency is Calculated

There is some potential for confusion here, as there are two systems for calculating boiler energy efficiency: the European energy label, introduced in 2015; and the earlier, 2009 Sedbuk efficiency rating, which stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

Both are alphabetical, with A at the most efficient end of the scale.

The Sedbuk rating runs from A to G. The EU rating runs from A+++ to D.

What matters most of all, though, is that a new boiler should have an A rating, under whichever system.

What Makes Vaillant Boilers Energy-Efficient?

The Vaillant range of condensing boilers uses supplied energy efficiently, but also makes the most of thermal energy contained in the flue gas,  rather than allowing it to be lost through exiting out of the flue.

Vaillant boilers have an optimum energy efficiency of up to 98%. They produce far less soot during combustion and users find their energy consumption drops by around 30% compared to older heating systems.

In addition, they are highly adaptable to different living arrangements and conditions.

The three types of Vaillant boiler are:

  • Combi boiler – a combination boiler that heats your home and your hot water, connected directly to the mains with no cylinder
  • System boiler – a sealed system boiler with an in-built water cylinder which takes water from the mains
  • Open vent boiler – a regular boiler providing heating and hot water through a storage cylinder.

Each may be suited to different types and sizes of home, but each is also highly energy-efficient, available in Vaillant’s state of the art ecoTec range.

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