Evohome System controls

Why Should I Install an Evohome System?

When you walk through your front door, you wouldn’t press one switch to turn on all your lights at once, so why are you using one dial to turn on all your radiators? When you think about that comparison, you realise how much energy, heat and money you are wasting due to not having an evohome system. .

The Evohome system allows you to control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties, while also having the ability to control domestic hot water. If you own apartments, a large home or even a small business, I’m sure you are already thinking of the money can save!

The sophisticated heating system allows you to control temperature via a tablet, smart phone or simply by using the touch screen. Within seconds, you have control over the temperature in each room.

If you have an existing heating system, then do not worry, the Evohome system can still be installed! Honeywell Evohome can be used by everyone as long as you have a hydronic (wet) central heating system.

Range Heating are trained and approved by Honeywell, which means we have the ability to design and install the Honeywell Evohome system in a professional, safe and fast manner. When we have finished the installation, we will take time to teach you how to use the new device and answer any questions you may have.

There is no better time to install this modern heating system than now. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end this month, which means we will be seeing more rain than sunshine. However, with your new Evohome system, you are able to control the exact temperature in each room during the colder months. As a result of using this modern heating system, you can save as much as 40 per cent on your heating bill!

If you want to control the heating in each room of your home independently, or would like to learn more about the Evohome System, then feel free to contact Range Heating!

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