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Should I Switch My Boiler Off In Summer?

One of the biggest bills in the family budget is the energy bill, so most of us want to reduce it whenever possible.

Consequently, most people turn off their heating during the summer months, but should we be turning off the boiler altogether?

The answer is – it depends on your home, your lifestyle and the type of boiler you have.

So, turning off the boiler in the summer may well be the right choice for you if any or all of the following apply to you:-

An old boiler -If you have an old boiler with a continuously burning pilot light it will be using up gas even when the heating is off. So turning off the boiler when it is not being used for heating the home will save you money.

An old water cistern even with a modern boiler, which uses far less energy on ‘standby’, if your cylinder is not coated with polystyrene or well insulated it may be worth turning off the boiler.

Hot water usage- If you have

  • An electric shower
  • Don’t take baths during the summer
  • Use a dishwasher to wash up
  • Have a modern washing machine which is cold fill only

Then you can probably manage without your boiler being on in the summer to heat water, as only water used at the kitchen sink and the bathroom hand-basin would require heating. Also even older washing machines are able to heat up water internally.

However, it’s always best to run your central heating and hot water occasionally during the summer to prevent valves seizing up. Turn the hot water on for a short burst every few weeks to check everything is working.

The summer is also an excellent time of year to get your boiler serviced. Getting your boiler serviced once a year offers real benefits:-

  • Saves money through fuel energy efficiency
  • Prevents costly failures during the coldest times of the year
  • Keeps the warranty valid for most manufacturers
  • Ensures safety from dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning

Range Heating offers an annual boiler service for just £60. This covers all types of boiler and all manufacturers. The service can usually be done within the hour, and we do it with a smile: our reputation is built on our customer service.

For friendly advice any time of year, call Range Heating on 07872 105 094

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