Boiler system installed in home

Is it a legal requirement to have your boiler serviced?

Landlords who rent their property are legally required to conduct annual boiler checks by a certified Gas Safe heating engineer.

Homeowners do not.

However, regular checks are recommended and can even save lives.

So, even if it is not a legal necessity, there are several reasons why you should do it.

Safety is the primary one, but also having your boiler serviced may be a requirement for your home insurance.

Many boiler warranties and business insurance policies insist you complete a regular service to ensure your boiler is safe.

An annual check will meet most policy criteria, although you should talk to your provider to see if that is adequate.

Why do I need to make safety checks on my boiler?

The worst case scenario is that, if left unchecked, a faulty boiler – or one that has a blocked or leaky flue – can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a fire and even explosions.

Breathing in carbon monoxide can make you feel unwell and, in extreme cases, result in death. Although the figures for carbon monoxide poisoning have fallen in the past few years to 30 deaths and 250 illnesses (possibly because of the legislation requiring landlords to make annual boiler checks) this is still a possibility.

Prevention is crucial.

You should always ensure that a Gas Safe registered engineer carries out any installations or maintenance of gas appliances.

To be especially safe, you can fit audible carbon monoxide alarms near any gas appliances. When purchasing an alarm, check it carries a British or European approval mark, such as a Kitemark.

It’s important that it is installed, checked and serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Reasons to have your boiler checked

As well as the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), a gas leak from your central heating can cause a fire or explosion. That could result in catastrophic consequences.

A safety check will also unearth smaller problems and nip them in the bud before they become bigger ones which can save you cash in the long run.

Your insurance could be invalidated if you don’t have one.

As a landlord you are required by law.

Did you know?

One in every nine boilers inspected by Gas Safe Register are thought to be unsafe.

Unqualified gas fitters do a quarter of a million illegal gas jobs each year.

50 deaths a year occur from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. 4,000 people go to A&E and a further 200 people are hospitalised from CO poisoning a year in England and Wales.

Almost 27 million people in the UK don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in their home

How does the legislation on boiler servicing affect me if I am…?

A Homeowner

It is not a legal requirement for homeowners who do not rent out their property to have an annual boiler service. However, they have a duty of care to ensure their gas appliances are safe, and not liable to cause harm to themselves or others. An annual service will also keep the boiler’s warranty valid.

The tenant

Tenants generally assume responsibility for daily maintenance such as keeping the heating running when necessary, and for reporting a problem.

A landlord

For landlords, this is a legal requirement. A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer must, by law, check gas appliances and flues annually to ensure everything is safe and sound. The required checks include boilers, but they also cover other gas appliances such as stoves and fireplaces. If you’re a tenant, it’s worth noting that landlords are not responsible for safety checks on gas appliances owned by you, or any flues that solely connect to your own gas appliances.

What is involved in a boiler service?

Checks will be made on your boiler controls to make sure they are working properly.

Also, your engineer will look for corrosion and leaks, ensure the boiler is at the right pressure and that there are no unsafe fumes being emitted.

The whole process takes under an hour.

Expect to be issued with a boiler checklist which you must keep safe.

When should I service my boiler?

Summer is the best time, for the obvious reason that you don’t need to heat your home at this time regularly.

Also, heating engineers tend to be less busy then.

Always book a Gas Safe engineer and, after the service, set a reminder for the next one.

Economic benefits of having your boiler serviced

You could reduce your energy bills if you have your boiler serviced.

The checks your engineer carries out could make the boiler run more efficiently, which in turn will cost less money to run.

If you would like more information about boiler servicing, you are welcome to contact.

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