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Keeping Your Boiler Healthy in Colder Months

Keeping Your Boiler Healthy in Colder Months

Now the clocks have gone back and the winter months are setting in we will all have our central heating switched on to keep us warm. Here are a few tips to ensure your boiler continues to work efficiently and does its job this winter.

  1. Annual service- having your boiler serviced regularly with a Gas Safe Registered engineer is essential to keep your boiler in good working order and to maintain the boiler’s warranty. The engineer will clean all the parts and check that they are all in good working order.
  1. Check the heating regularly – most of us switch our heating off during the summer month but it is a good idea from time to time to turn it back on to check the system is running properly.
  1. Check the boiler pressure – If the boiler loses pressure it will not run efficiently. From time to time top up the system’s pressure. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the manufacturer’s installation manual or ask a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer for help.
  1. Bleed the radiators – If radiators feel cooler at the top than the bottom, there is air trapped inside the radiator which is preventing it from heating up effectively. To remove the air ‘bleed’ the radiators.
  1. Look out for warning signs – If the system is leaking, making strange noises or the boiler flame is yellow or leaving sooty marks it could be that there is something wrong. Call out a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer immediately.
  1. Insulate the pipes – Insulation will ensure that pipes don’t freeze up and stop the boiler working in very cold weather.

Regular maintenance is a cost effective way of ensuring your central heating works effectively and safely all through the year.

At Range Heating, Manchester’s leading boiler specialist, all the engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

For more information on servicing and maintaining a healthy boiler call Range Heating on 07872 105 094

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