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Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Heating System

Now that summer is in full swing, you’re perhaps not thinking about upgrading your central heating system. After all, what’s the point? The summer heat should be keeping our homes warm, right? And indeed, it does. This is the time of year when our heating bills are the cheapest. However, despite that, summer is actually the perfect time to be upgrading your heating system.

Why Upgrade Your Heating System Now?

  1. Get a great deal on heating system upgrades

Engineers have fewer emergency callouts during the summer months, meaning they have more availability and often offer awesome deals. In addition, the waiting times will be significantly reduced, so you’ll get your new heating system in no time at all.

  1. Summer is when heating systems are most likely to fail

Heating systems are not used as much during the summer. Indeed, they’re often turned off in most households. This is when problems start to creep in, as they are designed to be constantly running. A lot of strain can be caused when being turned on and off. This is why it’s so important that maintenance is performed and upgrades are put in place over the summer months. Otherwise you could face some hefty bills when winter returns and your heating system fails.

  1. No discomfort will be caused in the home

With this time of year being a lot warmer, there’s less demand to use your heating system. Your home will be cosy and warm already, so any downtime endured while your heating systems are being upgraded won’t have any effect on your comfort levels at home. However, if you upgrade your heating system during the winter, you may need to wrap up for a while.

If you’d like to find out more about upgrading your heating systems during the summer, Range Heating offers a wide range of services. Call us on 07872 105 094 for your free quote today.

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