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Quick ways to be more Energy Efficient

Most of us would like to make our home more energy efficient to reduce our energy bills and make our homes more Eco-friendly by reducing our carbon footprint. This is possible; just a few simple changes can make a big difference and save you money.

Here are a few tips from Range Heating to help to achieve a more energy efficient home:-

  1. In the kitchen-
  • Using a washing up bowl instead of the sink will save up to £10 a year.
  • Only filling the kettle with water you are going to use can save £7 a year.
  • Cutting down the number of laundry washes you do a week can save you money on your water and heating bill.
  • Washing clothes at 30˚C can save £6 annually.
  1. In the bathroom –
  • It has long been accepted that showers use less water and energy than baths.
  • Reducing the time spent under the shower by one minute can further save £10 a year per person.
  • Fitting a water efficient shower head can help us make further savings.
  1. Around the house –
  • Turn off appliances left on standby.
  • Draught proof doors and windows.
  • Replace traditional light bulbs for LED and energy efficient bulbs.
  • Turn off lights when a room is empty.
  1. Boiler
  • Turning down the thermostat by 1˚C could save you over £80
  • If your boiler is old it could be costing you money so consider updating it with a new energy efficient boiler.

Range Heating can provide excellent advice on installing a new boiler and have a great reputation for outstanding customer service. Vaillant boilers are highly recommended by Range Heating for their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. These boilers are made with the highest quality components and are backed up with a seven-year guarantee.

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