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Radiators Don’t Have to Be Ugly!

Gone are the days when radiators were heavy, bulky items made of cast iron.

Of course some radiators are still made of cast iron, but mostly they are now made of mild steel although the latest development in radiators are using materials like ultra-light aluminium and colourful glass.

Today, radiators are becoming a feature of a room in their own right, even traditional cast iron radiators can look trendy if they are painted to match the décor of the room and ornate radiators are treated with a modern finish like pewter to ‘bring to life’ the design.

Radiators made of aluminium can be slim enough to fit in the tiniest space, or shaped to hang towels on or to create a work of art.

Column style radiators are very popular at the moment and they are just as efficient as modern radiators but look nicer even in period properties. The variety of styles are expanding all the time: – they can be flat or curved, fitted with or without feet, made up of square tubes, round tubes or intertwined pipes and be treated with a bronze, copper or burnished coating or simply painted to a colour of your choice.

For those of us who prefer radiators that are discreet, there are now small low radiators and their compact design fits perfectly in front of fitted gazed units yet provides ample warmth.

In small rooms like the bathroom, the radiator can also double up as a towel rail.  A combined radiator and towel rail is a great space-saver provided the output is sufficient to heat the room.

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