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Replacing your incoming lead water main

Having suspicions about you incoming water lead? The answer may lie in the old leaf pipes that are connecting it all up. You may have recently bought a property and have found out it has lead water main and are unsure if you should replace it? Whatever the reason is that brought you here today, we bet you are wondering if you should replace your incoming lead water main.

We’re here to answer and guide your questions about replacing your incoming lead water main, who is responsible, and some of the benefits.

Do I have to replace my incoming lead water main?

Currently, there is no legal requirement for you to replace lead pipes or water mains in your property, but you are strongly advised to do so. Many water supply companies have initiatives in place to replace lead pipes they find on their network. Still, it’s up to you for homeowners and business owners to identify lead pipes or water mains on your property and arrange to have them replaced.

It’s not yet clear whether it will become a law or regulation for landowners and landlords to update the pipes and water mains in rented properties, so it’s best to get ahead of the curve and get the replacements completed! As there are regulations allowing a maximum of 10 micrograms of lead per litre, replacing lead pipes and water mains should be at the top of everyone’s priority list!

You might be wondering, but why? Well, let’s look now at some of the health benefits you could notice by removing lead water main from your home or business.

Health benefits of removing lead water main.

We all know that lead is not good for our bodies, despite its popular use in the past. Exposure to lead over time can make you severely unwell. But that doesn’t mean you are safe! Anyone can be impacted by lead exposure, with the results worsening the longer you are exposed.

Over time, your lead pipes and water main will let particles of lead into the water supply that will then be consumed by everyone in the property, from the water we drink to wash with. So what does it do to our bodies?

Lead exposure can cause high blood pressure, GI disturbances, colic, nerve conditions, intelligence and neurological issues in children and adults, and renal function. The extent of these conditions varies depending on the level of exposure and how long, with conditions worsening the longer you are exposed to lead.

Once the lead water main has been replaced, you should notice a difference in your health and even the taste in your drinking water. Removing the lead pipes and main greatly reduces your chances of the symptoms listed above and ensures that you and any children on the property are healthier and happier.

Increased water pressure and flow rate

As well as the health benefits, replacing your lead water main can increase the water pressure and flow rate.

Lead pipes are notorious for offering poor water pressure and lower flow rates than newer pipes like copper or plastic. Switching to these and a new water main will allow water to travel through your house quickly, providing you access to better pressure and flow rate.

Gone are the days of dribbling showers or a slow trickle from your kitchen tap! Newer pipes tend to be larger and are made with flexible and durable MDPE that can provide plenty of pressure and safe drinking water to your home!

Remember that your water main and pipes aren’t the only thing responsible for your water pressure. Be sure to check all valves for any damages, and where possible, have your water supply for the shower come straight from the boiler for hot and powerful showers!

How much will the work cost?

The lead water main replacement cost will vary depending on who you have to carry out the work. You will also need to contact your water provider to instruct them of any work being conducted. They can often provide you with a recommendation for a professional if you are unsure. However, why not take advantage of United Utilities’ fantastic offer?

Currently, United Utilities are offering a £550 grant towards the portion of the repair work completed by our engineers. We’re based in Cheshire and South Manchester, contact us today about replacing your lead water main.

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