Should I have my boiler serviced in Summer or Winter?

Having your boiler serviced is usually the last thing on people’s minds, particularly during the summer but with 1 in 5 UK boiler breaking down every year, maintenance cannot be neglected. Some people will assure you that winter is the best time to get your boiler serviced as that is when you will use it most. On the other hand, some will agree that the summer is the ideal time so that you are prepared for the colder months. So, who’s right? Here we will be breaking down the pros and cons of having a boiler servicing in both the summer and winter.


Starting with the season in which you’ll be using your boiler the most- winter. There are a couple of reasons why having a boiler servicing in the winter could be more beneficial, starting with the safety of you and your family. 


The colder months are the exact time that you will be using your boiler to keep your home warm and having an engineer service it during this period can help put your mind at rest. According to the Department of Health and Social Care, Carbon monoxide poisoning accounts for a recorded 50 deaths a year and 4000 medical visits in the UK. The common cause of this poisoning can be from a poorly maintained or faulty boiler which is why annual servicing is key. During this check, the engineer will carry out an emissions test for any harmful gases as well as a range of safety checks to ensure proper installation and that it is running efficiently. Once done, you can be assured that everything is in working order and safe to run throughout the winter.

Energy Bill

Although some people believe that boiler servicing is a waste of time and money, it can in fact help to save you money. One of the benefits of having your boiler serviced in the winter is that you will immediately start to notice a reduction in your energy bill. Regular servicing helps to improve your boiler’s efficiency and reliability which means it uses less energy and costs less money. The level of efficiency will often depend on the model of your boiler, but a qualified engineer will be able to advise you on how to run it most efficiently to save on your bills. 


Moving onto the Summer; despite boiler maintenance being the last thing on your mind, there are arguably many more reasons why boiler servicing during the warmer months could be much more beneficial.

Your boiler is off

The most obvious benefit to having a boiler servicing in the summer is that your boiler is not in use. After not being used since the previous winter, this is the perfect time for an engineer to take a look at your boiler as it will be easier for them to identify any issues that have built up such as deposits or leaks. If anything is flagged up, they can take the time to rectify the issues before it is ever switched on to use again. Plus, if they do have to carry out work, it is better in the summer as you won’t be using your boiler and it won’t disrupt your life in the same way it would in the winter. A few days without the heating in the summer isn’t even a thought, but no heating on a cold winter morning doesn’t bare thinking about. 

No waiting around

If you have ever tried to call out an engineer in the winter, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find a date which fits into your schedule, or even a date within the next two weeks. Everyone will be starting to turn their heating on again only to find that it is either broken or not working quite how it should. The benefit of a summer boiler servicing is that nobody is rushing to get their boiler serviced or fixed which means engineers can be far more flexible with dates and times. Offseason boiler maintenance means you can get an engineer from the company of your choosing at a date and time to suit you. 

Save Money

When winter begins, engineers are instantly in demand and will be charging their standard peak season rates for their time. If you decided to call out an engineer for a boiler servicing in the summer, they are more likely to offer you an off-season rate as they are not rushed off their feet. They will be able to take all the time they need to ensure your boiler is in perfect working condition without worrying about their next client, all for less money!

Peace of Mind

As much as having a boiler servicing in the winter gives you peace of mind from knowing that your boiler is safe and will work efficiently from the rest of the season, it is always better to know in advance. The summer may seem too early to be worried about your boiler, but it is better to have it serviced ahead of time so that you know for certain your boiler is prepared for the winter. Being proactive in the maintenance and care of your boiler will save you money, time, and heartache in the long term. 

Ultimately, any engineer will tell you that when it comes to boiler servicing, the best time to have it done is in the summer. Not only is it much easier to get an engineer to your home at a time that suits you, it is also likely to cost you less than a winter call out. 

Boilers should be serviced annually by Gas Safe registered engineers, to keep them working efficiently and safely throughout the winter. At Range Heating, our team has over 15 years industry experience servicing a wide range of boiler systems. If you are looking to have your boiler serviced in time for the winter, contact us today on 07872 105 094 or email us at to arrange a free quote.

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