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Signs that your boiler needs repairing

Boiler issues are inconvenient, often costly but above all, can be extremely hazardous to you and your property if left untreated. With an average of 1 in 5 of boilers breaking down every year in the UK, the importance of boiler maintenance cannot be overstated as this is what will keep your boiler is good working order and help to avoid these issues. However, unforeseen problems can occur when you least expect it which is why here we’ll be discussing the signs to look for that indicate your boiler may need repairing.


One of the most common and noticeable signs that your boiler is not functioning as it should are strange noises that you haven’t previously heard. Whilst all boilers will make some noise, it is usually a light humming that you will quickly become accustomed to and eventually won’t even notice. Banging, knocking, gurgling and sloshing are all sounds that you won’t want to hear. So, if you start to notice noise from your boiler, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. If left too long, what could be a simple repair could turn into more permanent damage which will require a full boiler replacement. 

Increased Energy Bills

We are all used to rising energy bills, but sudden and unexpected rises could be as a result of a boiler problem. If you have an inefficient boiler that isn’t working at least at 70-80% capacity it could be costing you considerably each month. This is why annual boiler services are highly recommended so that you can be sure you are paying for only what you use.

Slow Hot Water

When you turn on the hot water tap at any of your sinks, bath or shower, the water should become hot within a matter of seconds. Equally, when you turn on your central heating, the same process should occur. If, however you start to notice that your boiler is taking much longer than usual to heat up your water, there may be circulation issues within your boiler.  


Leaking water is any homeowners worst nightmare with research from Direct Line Home Insurance  Water showing that water damage costs home UK homeowners more than £700 million per year. One small leak can completely destroy a property which is why if you start to notice any moisture or pools of water around your boiler, you will need to take action. Internal malfunctions are often the cause of a leaking boiler and what appears to be a small drip that can be easily wiped away can quickly turn serious. Any leaks or drops in boiler pressure should be dealt with by an engineer as soon as possible to help diagnose the problem and fix your boiler before any serious damage occurs.

Bad Smells

Every year around 60 deaths a year occur from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning according to research from the NHS. Carbon monoxide is noted as being a ‘silent killer’ as it is an odourless gas, however sulphur is often added to boilers to ensure that if there is a leak, you will know. Any egg like smells around your boiler should immediately be dealt with by an engineer to ensure you are not in danger. You may also notice some dark spots on the casing of your boiler which is another warning sign that there is a carbon monoxide leak. 

Faulty Boiler

If your boiler keeps turning itself off, it may be so that it does not overheat or melt the internal components. The majority of boilers come with a built-in temperature sensor as an added safety measure that will trigger a shut down before it reaches a critical point. This could be as a result of a faulty heat exchanger, air in the system, thermostat problems or a malfunctioning pump. Whatever the issue, you should always contact an engineer to diagnose the problem and ensure that your boiler is safe to continue using.

It is always advisable to pay attention to the way your boiler runs as even the smallest changes can indicate a serious mechanical issue, particularly if you have an older model. Ensuring that you take care of these concerns as soon as they arise will help to protect you, your family and your property.

At Range Heating we offer a free quotation with no obligation to proceed with the work, plus, we are committed to our costs always beating British Gas for the same job.

Our team has over 15 years industry experience with a wide range of boiler systems. We are happy to carry out the required repairs and make recommendations to avoid future issues.If you have started to notice signs that indicate your boiler needs repairing, don’t wait until the weather starts to get cold again! Central heating is essential during the winter so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 07872 105 094!

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