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Top Energy Saving Myths

All of us would like to save money on our energy bill but there are so many conflicting ideas about the best way to do this which is very confusing.

A survey by the Energy Saving Trust revealed that ‘while four fifths of Britons believe they understand their heating controls, half misuse energy by turning up their thermostat’, which is why many people are spending more on their heating than is necessary.

The Energy Saving Trust believes many households could save up to £75 a year by not falling for these 5 myths.

5 heating myths

  1. Over half (52%) of households responding to the Energy Saving Trust survey said they turned up the heating thermostat when it’s cold outside. However the purpose of a thermostat is to maintain the internal temperature of the house, whatever the weather.
  2. Over a third (35%) of households in the survey also admitted that they turn up their room thermostat when they want the room to heat up quicker. This won’t help warm your room any quicker but only heat your home to a warmer temperature.
  3. As many as 38% of households believe it is more energy efficient to leave the heating turned on at a low constant temperature, rather than turning it on and off. However, this means your home is heated when no one is there to benefit from the heat and not warm enough when people are in the house.
  4. A quarter (25%) of households will leave their water heating on all the time to make sure they never run out, which can be very costly. Water heated for half an hour in the morning should stay warm until midday, if the hot water tank is properly insulated.
  5. The survey indicated that only 38% of households using electric storage heaters fully understand how they work. Keeping electric storage heaters on all the time instead of taking advantage of cheaper night time rate electricity will be very costly.


The best ways to retain heat and save on your energy bill are:-

  1. Close the curtains as it gets dark. They can reduce heat loss by 15-17%.
  2. Upgrade your boiler for a more energy efficient one.
  3. Bleed radiators regularly for better efficiency

If you interested in finding out more about upgrading your boiler call Range Heating for friendly, helpful advice.

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