BBQ Safety Tips for National BBQ Week

Top Safety Tips This National BBQ Week

We are about to celebrate the 21st National BBQ week (May29th –June 4th). The campaign is partly responsible for the huge growth in using BBQ’s in this country and it is believed most households now own a BBQ.

Once summer is here most of us like to be outside more to enjoy the better weather and many of us will spend more time with family and friends entertaining in the garden using our BBQ. However besides deciding what we are going to rustle up on the BBQ we should also be thinking about safety too.

To help celebrate National BBQ week Range Heating is supporting the Gas Safe Register’s BBQ safety campaign.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your BBQs and stay gas safe:

  • If you are using the BBQ for the first time this season check it is in good working order, and that hoses are attached correctly.
  • Always follow the operating instructions when using your BBQ.
  • Always position the BBQ a good distance away from the tent, caravan or house to ensure there is plenty of air circulating.
  • Never use a BBQ indoors.
  • When you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinder before the BBQ controls to use up any gas in the pipeline.
  • Leave the smouldering or cooling BBQ outside as it can still give off harmful fumes.
  • Seek medical attention if anyone shows signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning – headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapse and loss of consciousness.
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