What to do if you have a broken boiler?

How to tell if your boiler is broken

The most obvious way of telling you have a broken boiler is the lack of heat, or the absence of hot water but these aren’t the only indications. While your boiler may not have broken down completely it could be showing signs of malfunction. These may include:

  • Strange tapping, banging and whistling noises.
  • The pilot light which should normally be blue is now orange or yellow.
  • It will show high system water pressure as opposed to a steady pressure which indicates it is working properly.
  • You are using more than average gas.
  • The pipes have started leaking.
  • You can’t turn the boiler on.
  • Your boiler may display an error code.
  • Gas appliances such as hobs or ovens aren’t working properly.

 What is the process of installing a new boiler?

Removal of the old boiler

The old boiler has to be removed before the replacement is installed. The time this takes depends upon how complex the job is, for example, whether you are moving the boiler to another part of the property.

Cleaning out the system

The next stage is to flush out or clean the system. This could be a chemical flush, or a power flush, depending on the condition of your pipework. This is an important stage as it will ensure the water running through the system is clean and safeguard against damage caused to your new boiler from any leftover system debris.


You may need changes to be made to your pipework.

Installing the new boiler

Your new boiler may be installed at the site of the old one or you might want to take this as an opportunity to move it to a new more convenient location, in which case you’ll have to factor in extra time and costs.

Filter and inhibitor installation

As well as your new boiler it is a good idea to have a magnetic filter fitted and a limescale inhibitor put through your system. This means that from the very outset you’re looking after your boiler and ensuring it runs efficiently

System check

This is called the commissioning process and it involves checking your new boiler is installed and set up properly.


At this stage the installer of your new boiler will give you the lowdown on its workings and how to do basic maintenance checks.


You or your installer should register the boiler with the manufacturer to ensure your boiler’s guarantee is valid.

How much will a new boiler cost?

A new boiler costs £600 – £2,500, depending on the model and type of system. 

Think you might need a new boiler? Let us help you

As your local heating specialists we can offer free home consultations as well as fixed written estimates, ensuring that you will get the best boiler at the right budget. For more information about boiler installation please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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